John Ross Ferrara / Sunday, June 28, 2020 @ 5 p.m. / Emergencies

U.S. Coast Guard Rescues Distressed Boaters After Vessel Capsizes Near Chetco River Mouth

Photos of the rescue by Nicole Selby. | Provided by U.S. Coast Guard Station Chetco River.

U.S. Coast Guard Station Chetco River:

[Yesterday] morning the station was underway with both 29’ Response Boats conducting routine training. Shortly after getting underway, the unit received a 911 distress call concerning a report of a capsized vessel near the mouth of the Chetco River with three people in the water. Both the 29312 and 29313 quickly diverted from training to assist with the distress call.

After arriving on scene, the unit boat crews located two people in the water clinging to another vessel, with the third individual already recovered by a Good Samaritan.

Each boat crew recovered a person from the water and all were transferred to the 29312 for transportation back to the station docks, where EMS was standing by.

The 29313 remained on scene to recover debris from the capsized vessel and maintain a safety zone around the vessel.

Upon a full evaluation of the situation, the decision was made to re-right the vessel. After doing such evolution, that of which the USCG does not conduct regularly, the 29313 safely re-righted and towed the vessel back to its safe mooring inside Brookings-Harbor marina.


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