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Harbor District Has Grand Plan For Redwood Harbor Village That Doesn't Include RVs

The Harbor District eventually plans to close Redwood Harbor Village and turn it into a multi-use space that will generate revenue. | File photo: Jessica C. Andrews


Crescent City Harbor, Developer Reach Settlement Agreement; Port to Regain Control Over RV Parks

RV Park Development Project at Crescent City Harbor In 'Weird Limbo' As Relationship Between Alex Lemus and Harbor District Sours


Nearly a month after it regained control of two RV parks, the Crescent City Harbor District says one of them, Redwood Harbor Village, is “set for a complete revitalization.”

The district’s current plan is to close the park and turn it into a multi-use space they envision will be a revenue generator and community hub, said Mike Bahr, CEO and grants manager of Community System Solutions.

The Harbor District plans to gain input from the community and “weave the community’s insights into the redevelopment plans,” Bahr told the Wild Rivers Outpost via email on Thursday.

Community System Solutions is now assisting the Harbor District with press releases and media inquiries, he said.

“Potential redevelopment options include a mosaic of pop-up shops, gourmet food trucks, cozy restaurants and possibly a higher-end hotel,” Bahr said. “We remain open to projects and businesses that maximize the enjoyment and recreational opportunities of the community, while also bringing in a healthy source of revenue to support the infrastructure and public service needs of the harbor.”

In a press release Tuesday, the Harbor District cited California Coastal Commission regulations and stated it’s committed to limiting RV park stays to no more than 30 days. The park’s current long-term residents can continue on a month-to-month basis at the current rates, “with updated agreements and registration processes for a smooth transition.”

According to Bahr, there are two long-term residents at Redwood Harbor RV Park currently. The Harbor District has helped those who have decided to move by ensuring their vehicles were roadworthy and helping them find a new place to live

“As the park continues to diminish through attrition, we plan to develop the property as additional space becomes available,” he said.

The Harbor District’s announcement comes after it reached a settlement agreement with Alex Lemus, CEO of Renewable Energy Capital, who entered into leases Redwood Harbor Village and Bayside RV parks in April 2022. His plan had been to upgrade the landscaping and infrastructure at Bayside RV Park, purchasing Airstream travel trailer and cabins to promote short-term overnight stays.

But in June, Lemus told the Outpost that his company had uncovered issues with both Redwood Harbor Village and Bayside and was uncomfortable taking on the liability for the parks. One concern he had involved Bayside’s operation permit with the California Department of Housing and Community Development being under the previous owners’ name.

The Crescent City Harbor District is also no longer accepting long-term residents at Bayside RV Park, but doesn’t currently have plans to redevelop the park, Bahr told the Outpost on Tuesday.

Forty to 50 residents still live at Bayside, Bahr said. He said the Harbor District has helped those who have “voluntarily made the decision to relocate.”

“This has included assistance from our maintenance staff to help make their RV roadworthy and assistance identifying suitable new RV parks,” Bahr said.

Lemus continues to hold the lease on nearby South Beach RV Resorts, a third RV park created from the overflow lot to Redwood Harbor Village. Under the settlement agreement, Lemus has the right to terminate the lease by giving notice no later than Nov. 22, 2023.

The Crescent City Harbor District has received $12 million in grant dollars over the past year and is seeking further funding. It plans to make improvements to a new seawall, Citizens Dock redesign and “improved visitor services.”

However, one of those amenities, a public restroom at South Beach, was delayed when the contractor, William Marshall Jones withdrew from the project due to rumors that could potentially damage his reputation, Harbor Board President Wes White announced at an Oct. 17 meeting.

On Thursday, Bahr said the Harbor District needs to go through another public bidding process for the restrooms and plans to issue a new request for proposals early next year.


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