Jessica Cejnar Andrews / Wednesday, March 15, 2023 @ 11:55 a.m. / Community, Infrastructure, Oregon

Alcorn Criticizes Carpet, Proposes Upgrades to Curry County Meeting Room; Sheriff Wants Search & Rescue Equipment Out of the Salt Air

Though he’s only been on the dais for three months, Curry Commissioner Brad Alcorn wants to make changes to the room he and his colleagues conduct meetings in.

Alcorn, who was elected in November, even broached the possibility of changing meeting rooms, saying there was carpet on the walls that have been there for “I don’t know how long.”

The Curry County Board of Commissioners’ Hearing Room is in the Courthouse Annex in Gold Beach.

“We have had multiple problems with technology both recently and in the past,” Alcorn told his colleagues Wednesday. “We always struggle to bring people on through Zoom and other means. We always struggle with getting our presentations and Power Points on the screen efficiently. I think we can do a lot better in here.”

Alcorn wasn’t the only official asking to make changes to the facilities they rely on.

Though his proposal wasn't on Wednesday's agenda, Curry County Sheriff John Ward said he’s looking for a place to store his department’s search and rescue equipment that’s out of the damp salt air.

The county currently owns a hangar and rents a hangar at the Port of Gold Beach airport. The one the sheriff department rents is in bad shape and leaks, Ward said.

“The salt air is killing all our stuff down there. For several years now we’ve been trying to find some property to build a building on,” he told commissioners. “Yesterday I got a call from somebody who wants to buy our hangar. I think if we sold that and built a building somewhere on some property away from the inundation zone and away from the salt air, our equipment would be better off.”

Curry County currently pays about $500 a month in rent for the hangar that’s storing the search and rescue equipment, Ward said. Some equipment being stored in there include chainsaws and command trailers, he said.

Ward said he’s looking for a building that’s about 60 by 100 feet that could hold the department’s search and rescue and marine equipment. He said the county owns an acre of land on Edson Creek Road, but there’s a deed restriction on it that states it could only be used for storing gravel and other road maintenance material.

“I think we could work around that deed if we wanted to look at that again,” he said. “But it’s not quite as big an area as I’d like to see for what we need.”

Commissioners agreed to discuss both matters at a later meeting.


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