Jessica Cejnar Andrews / Monday, Oct. 17, 2022 @ 9:48 a.m. / Animals

(VIDEO) Oakland Zoo: Beak Infection Delays Release For One Condor

From an Oakland Zoo Facebook post on Friday:

The good news: 2 more condors have been relased into the wild at the Yurok Tribe condor facility north of Eureka.

The bad news: one of the condors being prepared for release developed an infection on her beak. “A7”, a 14-16 month female, was transported to Oakland Zoo by Sequoia Park Zoo two days ago. Our vet staff treated her beak, but there is a soft tissue swelling that still needs to be investigated surgically. We will also be taking A7 to SAGE in Redwood City for a CT scan.

Fortunately, aside from her beak infection, this young condor looks to be in good health.

We are doing observations and monitoring her carefully, and will let you know how she is doing before and after her procedure next week.


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