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Touring Jet Boat Transports Rafter With Broken Leg From 'Wild' Section of Rogue River to Waiting Air Ambulance

John Carl of Jerry’s Rogue Jets. | Photos provided by the Curry County Sheriff's Office

Curry County Sheriff's Office press release:

The Curry County Sheriff’s Office, SAR and Marine Patrol would like to thank Jerry’s Rogue Jets for their assistance in the evacuation of an injured rafter in the lower Rogue River’s ‘Wild Section’ on Saturday, June 19. The injured rafter suffered a compound fracture of their leg due to a fall.

At or near 12:30 p.m. John Carl of Jerry’s Rogue Jets was operating the daily scheduled Wilderness Whitewater Tour in the Rogue River’s ‘Wild’ Section. During the downriver leg, he was flagged down by a group of rafters at the camping spot just above Solitude Rapid, approximately river mile 40.

When he arrived, he observed a member of the raft party laying near the water in need of medical assistance. The injured party member had sustained a compound fracture of their lower leg. Carl radioed Paradise Lodge and requested they relay a message to Agness-Illahe Fire and Rescue for medical services to meet the commercial tour boat at Cougar Lane Lodge in Agness, 13 miles downstream.

Members of the raft party fashioned a make-shift leg split from wood and gauze to stabilize the fractured leg. The injured person was floated by raft to the edge of the jet boat and loaded onto the back of the boat.

Carl asked his passengers if anyone on board was medically trained to assist. A passenger who is a registered nurse volunteered to assist the injured person for the boat trip downriver.

Agness-Illahe Fire and Rescue notified Cal-Ore Ambulance service of the incident and mobilized REACH air, helicopter life-flight, to land in the parking lot of Cougar Lane Lodge in Agness. Carl of Jerry’s Rogue Jets arrived in Agness and delivered the patient to the awaiting ambulance service to receive immediate medical attention.

In addition to the injured rafter on this day, Carl was also transporting an injured hiker from the Rogue River trail that met the boat at Paradise Lodge. They had sustained a rolled ankle and could not continue their hike.

Cal-Ore Life flight.

Thank you, Jerry’s Rogue Jets, Carl, Paradise Lodge, Cal-Ore Life flight, and Agness-Illahe Fire and Resuce for the coordinated effort and efficient medical evacuation in the Rogue River’s ‘Wild’ Section.

The ‘Wild’ Section of the Rogue River is a spectacular section of the river but also remote and difficult to access. This section can only be accessed by jet boat, downriver rafting and hiking.

Jerry’s Rogue Jets is a valuable asset to the Rogue River community of power boaters, whitewater rafters, and hikers. Jerry’s Rogue Jets is routinely first on scene for many waters related incidents and has always answered the call of duty.


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