WRO Staff / Saturday, Sept. 12, 2020 @ 2:58 p.m. / COVID-19

Another Curry County Resident Tests Positive for COVID-19, Public Health Says

Press release from Curry County Public Health Administrator Sherrie╠ü R. Ward:                   

Curry County Public was notified of one new case of COVID-19. This case notification came through the official medical record system provided by the Oregon Health Authority this afternoon. This current case has been verified and confirmed by the Health Officer through lab results.               

Public Health has made contact with the individual, who is a Curry County resident and is at home self-isolating, monitoring symptoms. Curry County Public Health is conducting case investigating and contact tracing of this case and will reach out to anyone suspected of exposure to COVID-19.               

As of September 12th, 2020, the total verified number of positive cases in Curry County is currently 26, with 20 recovered cases, 6 active cases, zero hospitalizations and zero deaths.               

Please remember, it is important that we all follow the OHA and CDC guidelines and Governor’s directives about social distancing, wearing facial coverings in public buildings and protecting yourselves by staying home to slow the spread and save lives.               

Public Health will continue to keep the public informed with all the information we can in order to keep our citizens safe.



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