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Log Cabin Caves To County, Tribal Cease and Desist Orders

The Log Cabin Diner. Photo courtesy of Matt Mais.

The Log Cabin Diner ceased offering meals in-house after Del Norte County and the Yurok Tribe threatened its owners with fine and imprisonment for violating COVID-19 safety measures.

From the Yurok Tribe:

The Log Cabin Diner discontinued its dine in service yesterday after receiving letters from the Tribe and the county ordering the business to immediately address the public health concern

On Saturday, May 2 the Log Cabin Diner, located on fee land within the Yurok Reservation and therefore under the Tribe’s jurisdiction, opened a sit down service which violated tribal laws established to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

“We will never be idle when the health of our people is in peril,” Chairman Joseph L. James “The integrity of our economy is important, but it will never trump the health and safety of our community members."

The Yurok Tribe has taken every available action to shield reserva
tion residents from COVD 19. Sixty percent of tribal citizens living on the reservation are either elders or individuals w ho have underlying medical conditions . The elderly and those with preexisting illnesses are particularly prone to suffering the most severe health consequences from the coronavirus.

To protect the most vulnerable and the community as a whole, non-residents are presently prohibited from stopping on the reservation, where curfew and shelter-in-place orders are in effect. The Tribe has also temporarily ceased operations at the Redwood Hotel and Casino, the Klamath Jet Boat Tours as well as other non-essential businesses. The closure of these revenue-generating enterprises has caused a significant hardship for the Tribe. Nearly all of the businesses in the economically disadvantaged redwood region are in a similar position.

“I would like to acknowledge all of the businesses owners on the Yurok Reservation for the tremendous sacrifices they have had to make to keep the community safe,” Chairman James said. “I look forward to the day when we are back to work rebuilding our local economy.”

Within the last five years, the Yurok Tribe has invested millions of dollars into the revitalization of Klamath ’s tourism infrastruc ture. The Tribe has installed aesthetically appropriate signage along Highway 101 and completely transformed Klamath Boulevard into a welcoming main street.



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