Jessica Cejnar / Friday, Jan. 17, 2020 @ 5:42 p.m.

(UPDATED) DNSO Says It May Have Identified Human Remains, But Is Still Waiting On DNA For Confirmation

2018 photo of Anthony Salazar

From the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office:

Media Release / Update

We ask that you please be considerate of family and loved ones as you consider your comments in response to this post. We are providing this information on social media as a service to the communities we serve and for the sake of transparency. We offer our condolences to family, friends and loved ones.

Yesterday, we released the following information to local media:

"On Thursday, January 9, 2020, the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office received a report of skeletal remains located inside an abandoned camp trailer. Upon response, the DNSO located and confirmed the remains to be those of a person. The remains also appear to those of a male and have likely been in the trailer for longer than a year. The trailer was located at 208 Elk Valley Road on the commercial property of Elk Valley Storage.

Based on personal articles of property found along with the remains, the DNSO believes they have the decedent identified but are awaiting DNA confirmation. Although the cause of death is at this time undetermined, all possible resources will be utilized during the course of this investigation."

Additional Information as of 01/17/2020

We realize that there is more than one missing persons case not only within our region but also in the areas adjacent to us. It is our hope that by sharing the information we have, people impacted by those cases wont be left wondering if their loved one is the person involved with this matter.

In regards to this specific case, we located two forms of property which strongly indicate the decedent is Anthony Salazar (born in 1976). We have notified his family of our investigation and we are doing everything we can to piece this matter together. We have attached a photograph of Anthony from 2018.

Again, we are awaiting positive confirmation of his identity by way of DNA testing.

If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office at (707) 464-4191 and press zero to speak directly with a dispatcher.


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