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Jacob Ogden — 22-Year-old Who Allegedly Crashed A Stolen Car Into A Crescent City House — Arrested in Humboldt With Order to Appear in Del Norte on Friday




Parents Lose Contact With Mentally Ill Son After A Del Norte County Judge Released Him From Jail; Ogden Had Allegedly Crashed A Stolen Car Into A Crescent City House

Del Norte Judge Releases DUI Suspect, Cites 2021 California Supreme Court Case Regarding Cash Bail


Jacob Euen-Burnell Ogden is back in the Humboldt County jail after the Eureka Police Department arrested him on shoplifting charges Sunday.

But it’s uncertain at this point if he will be extradited to Del Norte County where he’s expected to be tried for allegedly stealing a car, leading police on a high-speed chase and crashing into a house in Crescent City on July 27.

“He doesn’t currently have a warrant outstanding here,” Del Norte County District Attorney Katherine Micks told the Wild Rivers Outpost on Tuesday. “However, the probation department has filed a new petition for revocation for pretrial supervision and put it on the calendar for Friday at 10:30.”

The Del Norte County Probation Department also issued an arrest warrant for Ogden last week, Chief Probation Officer Lonnie Reyman said.

Eureka police arrested the 22-year-old Coos Bay man at about 10:20 p.m. Sunday at a grocery store on the 600 block of W. Harris Street, according to Public Information Officer Brittany Powell.

Ogden, who has bipolar disorder and depression, according to his mother, Clarissa Ogden, was booked into the Humboldt County Jail and his bail is set at $10,000, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Samantha Karges said. Ogden was still in custody as of 12:33 p.m. Tuesday.

Sunday’s arrest was the second encounter Ogden had with the Eureka Police Department since Del Norte County Judge Robert Cochran released him on his own recognizance on Aug. 2. Cochran had cited In re Kenneth Humphrey, a 2021 California court case restricting the use of cash bail for defendants who can’t afford it.

On Aug. 28, Eureka police encountered Ogden at about 5:30 p.m. near Zane Middle School after someone reported seeing a male on campus with a hatchet. Officers arrested Ogden, who had a hatchet on him, near the school’s back field and found out he had an outstanding warrant from Del Norte County for failure to appear, according to Powell.

Following communication between the Del Norte and Humboldt County jails, Ogden was cited and released with a court date to appear in Del Norte County on Oct. 6. According to Micks, that means Ogden doesn’t currently have an outstanding warrant from Del Norte County, though that may change on Friday.

“We’ll be asking for a new warrant if (Ogden) does not show up,” she said.

Ogden allegedly led law enforcement on a high-speed chase in a stolen Porsche on July 27, starting in Bandon, Oregon. The chase ended after he allegedly crashed the car into a home at 9th Street and U.S. 101 in Crescent City. One victim was sent to the hospital with a possible broken hip and other severe injuries.

At Ogden’s Aug. 2 arraignment, Deputy District Attorney Eric Bryant argued that the defendant posed a flight risk because he has no ties to Del Norte County and has a history of being held in contempt of court in Oregon for failing to comply with a restraining order.

Bryant argued that Ogden posed a risk of harm to the community because of the injuries the victim in the house sustained and because the owner of the stolen Porsche felt that the defendant targeted him since the vehicle was in front of his business.

Cochran said he felt his hands were tied, though lambasted the defendant, telling him he should “thank the good Lord” that he didn’t kill anyone.

Clarissa Ogden also argued against her son’s release from jail, saying that his manic depression often results in Jacob Ogden going into psychosis and thinking he has superpowers. Clarissa Ogden said her son also often self medicates using methamphetamine.

On Wednesday, Clarissa Ogden said she hoped to be able to see her son once he’s “had a few weeks of clean time.”

“Like they say, it takes an entire village to raise a child,” she told the Outpost via text message. “And just because he’s 22 does not mean that he is by far what I would consider an adult or a man. He needs to earn that title.”


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