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OBITUARY: Carol M. Oquist

Carol M. Oquist passed away on Feb. 1, 2023, at her home in Crescent City.

Carol was born in Mora, Minnesota, to Joan Y. Goolsby and George E. Oquist. Carol had three other sisters: Lori A. Oquist, Cynthia E. Oquist and Brenda K. Goolsby. Carol eventually moved to Orick, with Kevin Weir and her children: Paris Oquist, Glen Roe Jr., Joshua Oquist, Zack Oquist and Rochelle Vicente Jr. One of Carol's favorite pastimes was going to Stone Lagoon by the Little Red School House to hunt for agates for hours. She also loved to go shopping at every thrift store she could find, which used to annoy the rest of us. If we saw a free box by the side of the road, she had to pull over and get it because it might have a lost treasure inside. She was always dragging something home.

She was a kind soul, always trying to help someone no matter who they were or what they had. Growing up, we didn't have much, but what we did have, she was always willing to share with others. As with most peopler Carol wasn't perfect and she had her flaws, but that's what made her unique. When we were young, our mother's sister Cynthia left us at my aunt's house and never came back. They say the true measure of a person's character is how they act when no one is looking. She could have not taken any of us in; she could have walked away. She was in the prime of her life, but she chose to stay and raise us all.

Carol, for those who didn't know, was never able to have children, but instead inherited her fair share. We boys were hell on wheels, let me tell you! I remember Carol had this big white Chevy Impala driving down Orick Hill Lane with no brakes, and I was praying she didn't drive us right off the road into old man Dale's house. We eventually all grew up, and later on in lifer Carol got to enjoy her grandchildren and being a grandmother to Paris and Rocky's children.

Carol eventually left Orick to live at her son Josh's house in Crescent City, where she spent her final years. Carol had many friends, and some of those friendships lasted a lifetime -- Ryan Nelson (AKA Chick) for over 30 years, Dee for over 40 years, Sandy Rakestraw for over 20 years, and many more.

Carol Oquist was an amazing woman who sacrificed her life/career to take care of her sisters' children. Not many people would have done that. She was truly the real-life version of Wonder Woman. I often wondered how she did it all. She endured her own heartache in her lifetime, but never let you know it. She buried her baby sister Lori after a drunk driving accident. She was only 21 and had a baby at home. Carol was never the same. She buried her father George, her grandmother Mae, my baby brother Michael, my other youngest brother Glen Roe Jr. after a tragic crash, and her mother Joan.

Some of my fondest memories of her were out at the Second Camps, living next to the fish hatchery when it was still open. We could walk across the road and look at the fish. I am truly going to miss her, and I am grateful for all she did for my brothers and me. I am glad that in her final years we grew very close, and that it was all the little things that counted - our daily phone conversations about life, and sometimes nothing at all. RIP and just remember we love you and miss you and we will always remember you forever. Love, your sons Paris, Rocky, Zack, Boo and Josh. You can rest now. We made it!


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