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Pelican Bay State Prison Holds Job Fair on Saturday

Flier courtesy of CDCR

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is hiring corrections officers at Pelican Bay State Prison.

CDCR will hold a job recruitment event at Elk Valley Rancheria on Saturday where people can fill out an application, take the written examination and talk to their potential employers.

According to Lt. Jason Schrag, PBSP's public information officer, there may also be job opportunities for people working in landscaping, maintenance as well as the medical field.

"Pelican Bay is notoriously hard to hire for because of our location," Schrag told the Wild Rivers Outpost on Thursday. "We always try to hire from around here so the people that come to work here don't want to leave. We get a lot of recruits from the academy, typically from Sacramento, the Bay Area, and that's where their home is. They come up here for a couple of years and eventually they want to go back home."

Pelican Bay is always recruiting new staff, Schrag said, adding that there isn't a specific hiring quota the prison is hoping to reach.

On Saturday, applicants should bring their identification with them, Schrag said. There will be representatives from PBSP's IT and personnel departments to help job seekers find a position that fits them, he said.

"Let's say somebody shows up and they don't pass the test or something in their background precludes them from being a correctional officer," Schrag said. "We'll have our personnel and IT department (ask), 'What is your background?' We're hiring everybody all the time. We hire maintenance and plumbing and landscaping and welders and mechanics. We have a huge medical staff out here too and they're always looking for good qualified people."

Correctional officers make up to $100,000 annually with "available incentives," according to a CDCR public service announcement.

The recruitment event will be held from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday at Elk Valley Rancheria, 2332 Howland Hill Road in Crescent City. For more information, visit


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