Jessica Cejnar Andrews / Wednesday, May 11 @ 12:10 p.m. / Infrastructure, Local Government

Crescent City Pool Closed Due To 'Ceiling Issue'

The Fred Endert Municipal Pool will be closed temporarily due to a ceiling issue. | File photo: Andrew Goff

From a Crescent City news release Wednesday:

The Fred Endert Pool is temporarily closed due to a ceiling issue above the pool area that is creating a safety concern. The issue is nonstructural, however it does create a potential safety hazard for anyone using the pool. For the public’s safety, the City will keep the facility closed until the issue can be resolved. Staff is working diligently to address the situation and find a solution that will allow the pool to reopen as soon as possible. We will keep the public notified via our website, CrescentCity.Org, and Facebook page, Crescent City CA – City Hall. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to check the status of the pool closure, you can contact our office line at 707-464-7483.


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