John Ross Ferrara / Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021 @ 11 a.m. / Local Government

Crescent City Council Tables Appointing Mayor for Second Time Due to Absent Councilmembers

                  The present councilmembers vote to table the decision.

The Crescent City Council postponed its annual selection of mayor and mayor pro tempore for the second time last night due to absent councilmembers.

Present councilmen Blake Inscore, Isaiah Wright and Ray Altman voted to table the decision until the Dec. 6 meeting due to the absence of mayor Jason Greenough and councilman Beau Smith. Smith was also absent for the Nov. 1 general meeting. 

The Crescent City Council. | Crescent City

Crescent City Clerk Robin Patch told the Outpost that both councilmembers were absent due to medical reasons and couldn’t say if they would be in attendace the Dec. 6 meeting.

“We have one less councilmember this meeting than the last meeting,” Inscore said humorously at last night’s meeting.

“Personally, I say we table it for the next meeting,” Wright added. “Hopefully there’s all of us there [next] time.”

When the decision is eventually made, each city councilmember will have the opportunity to nominate any sitting councilmember to serve as mayor. All nominated councilmembers can respond by either accepting or declining the nomination. Once all the nominations are made, any member of the council can make a motion to appoint one of the nominees as mayor.


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