WRO Staff / Thursday, May 20 @ 5:03 p.m. / Obits

RIP: Marina, a Rescue Seal Who Has Lived at Ocean World These Last 21 Years, Has Passed

Press release from Ocean World:

Marina, a 42-year old senior resident and beloved Harbour Seal at Ocean World aquarium, passed away Monday the 17th of May. After being with us at Ocean World for twenty-one years, she succumbed to old age.

Marina was rescued from the wild in 1999 and was deemed un-releasable by our local Marine Mammal Rescue Center after suffering from malnutrition, poor eyesight and several bite wounds. Marina recovered and quickly became a staff favorite. We deemed her the "Ocean World Diva." Over her time here at Ocean World an estimated 1.6 million tourists got the chance to visit her and learn about marine mammals.

In the wild, the lifespan of a Harbour Seal is around 30 years, so Marina lived a long life in a loving and caring environment since she arrived with us, and her loss is felt by our entire staff and especially our animal handlers.


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