John Ross Ferrara / Thursday, July 1, 2021 @ 12:10 p.m. / Local Government

Curry County Board of Commissioners Votes to Fund Sheriff's Department Communications Center, $711,000 Upgrade to 911 Emergency Response System

(center) Commissioner Paasch presents Sheriff Ward with the ceremonial first check drawn on American Rescue Plan funds for the Sheriff Department’s new communications system. (Left) County Treasurer David Barnes, (right) Sergeant Stacey Aranda and Captain Phil McDonald.

Curry County Board of Commissioners press release:

The Curry County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously in support of funding the communications center, including upgrade of the 911 emergency response system for the Sheriff’s Department.

The current system is dangerously outdated and not capable of providing critical service of public safety in the most remote areas of Curry County. This puts our first responders at a disadvantage in responding as quick as possible to a citizen in need of assistance. As the Sheriff’s Office was prepared to make a presentation to the Board of Commissioners with needs for the updated system, pause to consider funding through ARP became a reality.

Curry County will receive in total, just over $4.5 million in American Rescue Plan funds from the US Department of Treasury. The cost of upgrading the 911 emergency response system in the Curry County Sheriff’s Communications Center is $711,787.

Commissioner Paasch stated enthusiastically, “Every resident and visitor of Curry County will benefit from this long overdue upgrade to our emergency response system.” 

Treasurer Barnes stated “Our communications infrastructure is critical to the safety and well-being of everyone in the county. This project, consistent with the goals and guidance of the ARP, marks the first and maybe the most important disbursement of ARP funds in Curry.”


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