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Yurok Indian Housing Authority Waives All Rent and Homeowner Charges for the Month of April to Ease Financial Hardships Caused By COVID-19

Yurok Indian Housing Authority letter to residents:

Dear Yurok Indian Housing Households,


Out of great concern during these uncertain times and unprecedented times, the Yurok Indian Housing Authority Board of Commissioners met on Tuesday, March 17, at 9:30 a.m. for an emergency call-in meeting to address the potential economic hardship being placed upon tribal families as they prepare for the current COVID-19 national emergency. While this may not be something that can be repeated, the Board of Commissioners took unanimous action to waive all rent and homeowner charges for the month of April 2020. Please be advised that any outstanding balances owed up to March 31, 2020 will remain on your account.

Concern for the health and safety of our community is our highest priority, as you prepare for possible long term shelter in in you homes. We know that preparation for this event has placed undue financial hardship and stress on families and our tribal community. We have also implemented emergency safety measures for Yurok Indian Housing staff and clients to ensure they too remain healthy. All home inspections have been temporarily stopped until further notice. In-home maintenance orders have been reduced to emergency only.

The Yurok Indian Housing Authority office has been reduced to essential staff only and others have been assigned to work from home until further notice. For now, the new construction project in Tulley Creek will continue unless it becomes necessary to stop this project as well.

We hope that each family remains healthy and safe. As a strong community, we will get through this event together. If there is an urgent maintenance need, please contact our on-call staff, Kenny Childs, directly at 707-954-6858.

If there is a billing question, please leave a message for Will Ulmer-Gensaw at 707-482-1506 ext. 1010. Or you can reach the Executive Director, Nicole Sager, at 707-954-8541.


Nicole Sager, Executive Director


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