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(UPDATE: LIGHTSABERS PERMITTED!) Crescent City to Star Wars Nerds: Leave Your Blasters at Home

"Going somewhere, Solo?" "Not in Crescent City, Greedo!"

UPDATE, 3:20 p.m.: Ashley Taylor, Crescent City Director of Economic Development and Recreation, reached out to the Outpost asking that we clarify her city's position on fake Star Wars weaponry.

"Please clarify that light sabers [sic] are permitted," Taylor said. "We are referring to fake firearms, knives, swords, etc… If individuals have questions about their costume prop, they should reach out to myself or Chief Griffin at the Crescent City Police Department. We will have booths at both day’s events where people can check in with us about their prop. Thank you!"

Crescent City Police Chief Richard Griffin will help you determine if your Star Wars toys are acceptable for the Forest Moon Festival, according to a city official

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Original Post: In advance of this weekend's Forest Moon Festival, Crescent City officials have issued a stern warning to those who might be planning to stage a Han Solo-and-Greedo-like showdown in their nice, quiet, little beach community: Don't.

A public service announcement below:

As we approach the highly anticipated Forest Moon Festival this Friday and Saturday, the City of Crescent City would like to inform event-goers that for everyone’s safety and enjoyment, costume weapons will not be permitted at either the Friday or Saturday events. This is to ensure a fun experience for all and prevent any potential concerns for law enforcement.

Participants are welcome to come by the City’s check-in table on Saturday if they are unsure of any aspect of their costume and want to ensure it is permittable.

Questions or concerns can be directed to Ashley Taylor at 707-464-7483, ext. 238.


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