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The Del Norte County Elections Office Is Still Processing Ballots; Clerk Hopes To Release More Numbers By Friday

Alissia Northrup and her team at the Del Norte County Elections Office tally ballots on Tuesday. | Screenshot


Early Election Results Show Promise For Greer's Assembly Campaign; Starkey Takes Lead Over Drown; Wilson Ahead Over Polen And Sutter


Alissia Northrup and her team at the Del Norte County Elections Office had nearly 3,000 ballots left to tally up as of Wednesday.

It’s still too soon to call any of the local races that were up for grabs in yesterday’s primary election, the county-clerk recorder told the Wild Rivers Outpost. This includes determining whether or not Del Norte County District 5 incumbent Dean Wilson will face a run-off election against Heather Polen, who came in second out of three candidates in that race, Northrup said.

“During the last two days we got more ballots than we got from Feb. 5 until two days ago,” she said. “We’ve got 2,805 ballots here and that’s countywide — I don’t know it by district — and that doesn’t mean they’re all good. We have to check signatures and addresses and everything.”

Northrup has 30 days from Election Day to certify the results. She said she’s trying to get as many ballots processed as possible and hopes to release new numbers by Friday.

As of the results released at about 9:48 p.m. Tuesday, Wilson, who received 340 out of a total of 662 votes, would not face a run-off election in November for the District 5 seat on the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors. Polen received 208 votes and Linda Sutter netted 114 votes.

District 2 incumbent Valerie Starkey also came out ahead with 324 votes out of a total of 504, according to the election results. Her challenger, Rivers Drown received 180 votes.

At the state level, Michael Greer, who’s currently a Del Norte County Unified School District trustee and is vying for California’s 2nd Assembly District, ended election night as the top vote-getter in that race, though his position could change as more votes are counted.

Greer, who credited his success to knocking on doors in Santa Rosa, Fort Bragg, Willits, Ukiah, Windsor and other areas to the south of the district he wants to represent, received 28 percent of the vote thus far, according to the California Secretary of States’ website.

As it stands, it appears likely that Greer will face Democrat Chris Rogers, a Santa Rosa city councilman, who received 19.6 percent of the vote. 

Greer is the only Republican out of seven candidates.

“I put 9,000 miles on my truck since the campaign started driving back and forth to Santa Rosa, Weaverville, where ever I needed to go,” he told the Outpost from the Del Norte Republican Central Committee headquarters on Election Night. “I know that in order to win in November, providing I make the primary, I’m going to have to have a minimum of 15 percent of the Democratic vote and so my goal is to get out there and do it.”

In the race for Del Norte County Superior Court Judge, Karen Olson appears to have prevailed over Keith Morris with 1,703 votes out of a total of 2,947. Morris won 1,244 votes. There were also three unresolved write-in candidates, according to the latest results from Election Night.

In other races, Del Norte County's Republican voters favored Steve Garvey for the U.S. Senate seat that once belonged to the late Dianne Feinstein. Congressman Jared Huffman received the most Del Norte County votes in the Democratic primary at 1,466 out of a total of 3,127.

A majority of Del Norte voters who voted in the Republican presidential race favored Donald Trump, who received 1,357 votes out of a total of 1,570 that supported the GOP.

President Joe Biden came out on top among Del Norte County voters casting a ballot in the Democratic race for president with 1,038 votes out of a total of 1,162.

Del Norte County voters rejected Proposition 1, which would allow the state government to us a tax on millionaires established in 2004 for better housing, treatment and vocational and rental assistance for those who are homeless with mental health and addiction issues.

Statewide, Yes on Proposition 1 is leading by 50.2 percent of the vote, the Washington Post reported at 4:37 p.m. Wednesday.


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