Jessica Cejnar Andrews / Friday, March 29 @ 10:44 a.m. / Local Government, Oregon

Hiring Period For Brookings City Manager Opened Last Week; 10 People Have Already Applied

Though the hiring period opened about a week ago, 10 people have already applied for the vacant Brookings city manager position, Police Chief Kelby McCrae told city councilors on Monday.

McCrae, who took over as interim city manager on Jan. 16, inserted an agenda item promising an update on the process to find Janell Howard’s replacement. Prothman, the Issaquah, Washington firm spearheading the search, began gathering applications on March 18. They won’t review the potential candidates until the application period closes, McCrae said.

“They recommend leaving it open for a minimum of 30 days,” he told councilors. “And then they’ll adjust from there depending on the quality of candidates, and that’s information they’lll provide a little bit closer to closing.”

The Brookings City Council chose Prothman over three other hiring firms on Feb. 12, approving a $16,500-plus expenses contract with the consultant.

This decision comes after they terminated Howard following a December 2022 theft violation in connection with a July 4, 2022 shoplifting incident at the Brookings Fred Meyer store.

On Monday, Brookings Mayor Isaac Hodges said Prothman had cast its net wide, but that he and his colleagues are in a lull until the application period nears its close.

“It sounds like we’re having some production — 10 applicants,” he said.


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