Jessica Cejnar / Tuesday, Sept. 8 @ 5:25 p.m. / Weather

Smoke from Fires Near Happy Camp, In Oregon Contributing To Changed Air Quality in Del Norte

The scene on Elk Valley Road at about 2:55 p.m. Tuesday. Photo: Jessica Cejnar

Update from the North Coast Air Quality Management District on air quality in Del Norte County and Crescent City:

Since the PSA issued earlier today, air quality conditions have changed dramatically in northern Del Norte County since the Slater Fire started this morning near Happy Camp. Red Flag warnings and weather conditions produced rapid fire growth and smoke production. Heavy smoke from the Slater Fire has been transported off to the west due to the strong east, northeast winds over the region. Smoke from fires in Oregon are also affecting this region. Communities to the west of the fire such as Gasquet and Crescent City are likely to see heavy smoke impacts into tomorrow. Once better data is obtained, an updated 24-hr AQI and Smoke Advisory will be provided for this area tomorrow.


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