Jessica Cejnar / Friday, Oct. 16 @ 11:49 a.m.

21 Staff, Patients at Brooking Senior Living Facility Have Tested Positive for COVID-19, Curry County Public Health Reports

Twenty-one patients and staff at Seaview Senior Living Long Term Memory Care have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, Curry County Public Health reported Friday.

The latest case, reported Friday, was asymptomatic and has been isolated and monitored for symptoms, according to a news release.

Meanwhile, an 88-year-old man, a hospice patient who had pre-existing medical conditions and had tested positive for COVID-19, has died, according to the news release. He had no signs or symptoms of coronavirus prior to being admitted to the hospital, according to Curry County Public Health.

From Curry County Public Health:

Curry County Public Health (CCPH) was notified of one new case of Covid-19 reported by Seaview Sr. Living – Memory Care. This individual is asymptomatic and will be isolated and monitored for symptoms. This current case has been verified and confirmed by the Health Officer through lab results.

We are also saddened to have to report that One resident of Seaview Senior Living – Memory Care unit passed away early Monday Morning at the hospital.This resident was an 88 year old male who had pre-existing medical conditions, had been referred to Hospice and tested positive for Covid-19 but had no signs or symptoms of Covid prior to transfer to the hospital. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

As of October 16th, 2020, the total verified number of positive cases reported for Curry County residents is currently 56, with one that is counted as Presumptive, with 41 recovered cases, 14 active cases, one hospitalization and death.

Out of the total numbers for Curry County including staff and patients 21 are from Sea View Senior Living Long Term Memory Care.

Please remember, it is important that we all follow the OHA and CDC guidelines and Governor’s directives about social distancing, wearing facial coverings in public buildings and protecting yourselves by staying home to slow the spread and save lives.
CCPH will continue to keep the public informed with all the information we can in order to keep our citizens safe.



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