Andrew Goff / Friday, July 19, 2019 @ 2:42 p.m. / Hardly News

(VIDEO) Oh Dear! Will Someone Please Go Dance With Del Norte Deputy Dawg So He Looks Less Lonely?

Deputy Dawg, so alone

If you've been on the Internet latelywhich, well, you're here, so we can assume that, uh ... anywayyou know that there are a seemingly endless stream of CHALLENGES with which we are all required to humiliate ourselves. Y'all will of course remember when the "Ice Bucket Challenge" convinced us to drench ourselves in freezing water for some cause I can't now seem to recall. Then there was the "Cinnamon Challenge," which tested our tolerance for watching strangers vomit online. (High tolerance, turns out.) And who can forget the "Kiki Challenge," which coerced numerous online fame-seekers to jump out of moving vehicles and dance (and, in many cases, injure themselves). Yes, the Internet is a thrilling place. 

Now what? Ah, this week the Internet is pumped up for the "Git Up Challenge." It's pretty straightforward: Just film yourself following the steps sung in country/hip-hop artist Blanco Brown’s song “The Git Up,” post the video online, and wait for the “like”s to roll in. Easy peasy. 

And who locally was seduced by the Git Up Challenge’s promise of digital adulation? Why, it’s none other than the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office's McGruff-lite mascot, Deputy T. Dawg! Woof! If you have a few minutes to kill today you and your loved ones can click on over to the DNCSO Facebook page and watch Mr. Dawg boogie in front of many a Del Norte County landmark.  

One problem, though: Why must Deputy Dawg dance all by his lonesome? Like, it’s hard to watch the canine cop so clearly killing it, but in absolute solitude. What do people know about Deputy Dawg that we don’t? Fleas? Someone please dance with Deputy Dawg! The Wild Rivers Outpost will be sad until this is fixed!


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