Andrew Goff / Tuesday, Aug. 13 @ 9:51 a.m. / Community

(PHOTO) Are You Missing a Loved One? Del Norte Sheriff's Office Attempting to Locate Owner of Anonymously Delivered Mystery Urn

The Del Norte County Sheriff's Office is currently in possesion of someone's cremated loved one and, frankly, they'd prefer not to be. So! Is this your loved one's urn? DNCSO provides instructions on how to retrieve it below:

Help us solve this mystery:

An urn containing ashes was recently turned in to the DNSO from an anonymous source. It is our hope that someone can help us reunite it with a loved one.

Anyone familiar with this urn will be able to describe characteristics about it that were not captured in this photograph.

Please contact our Coroner's Assistant if you have any information that can help.



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